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03/08/12    CSB Extended Hours for FY2012 Window Questions
The Client Service Bureau (CSB) will be open extended hours before the close of the window to assist last-minute filers with program questions. You can call 1-888-203-8100, Submit a Question, or fax your question or request to 1-888-276-8736.

CSB is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time. In addition, CSB will be open the following hours:
Saturday, March 17
9:00 am EDT
6:00 pm EDT

Sunday, March 18
9:00 am EDT
6:00 pm EDT

Monday, March 19
8:00 am EDT
11:00 pm EDT

Tuesday, March 20
8:00 am EDT
12:30 am EDT (March 21)

03/02/12    “470 No 471” Email Notifications Issued
Each year, USAC sends a notification to applicants that have timely posted an FCC Form 470 to the USAC website but not yet filed an FCC Form 471 funding request citing that FCC Form 470. In the past, USAC has issued this notification by letter – one letter per form – shortly after the last day to post an FCC Form 470 and still complete all of the program activities necessary to file an FCC Form 471 by the close of the filing window.

On March 2,   USAC prepared an email to each FCC Form 470 contact person or authorized person with a timely posted FCC Form 470 not cited on any FCC Form 471 Block 5 funding request (Item 11 on the form) as of February 28. For each unique email address, this email contained all affected FCC Form 470 application numbers and all Billed Entity Numbers. We expect this improved format to prove more helpful and less confusing to applicants.

If the contact person email address appeared in Item 6e of the form, the email was sent to the contact person.
If the contact person email address was blank but the authorized person email address appeared in Item 27f of the form, the email was sent to the authorized person.
NOTE: If both email address fields were blank, USAC issued a letter – one per form – and sent the letters to the contact person street address (Item 6b of the form).
Of the almost 27,500 forms that fit the above criteria, all but about 700 were included in email notifications.

Please note: Applicants must still wait at least 28 days after the posting of the FCC Form 470 – or the public availability of a Request for Proposals (RFP), if one was issued – before closing the competitive bidding process, choosing a service provider, signing a contract (if applicable), and signing and submitting the FCC Form 471 by 11:59 pm EDT on Tuesday, March 20.

COMPETITIVE BIDDING: Which documents should I save? (1/27/2010)

You should retain copies of all documents for five years after the last date to receive services. For competitive bidding, you should at a minimum keep copies of your Form(s) 470, RFP(s), winning and losing bids, completed bid evaluation matrices, signed contracts, and correspondence with potential bidders related to the competitive bidding process.

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